Investigaciones estratégicas; Supervivencia y evolución:


  ------ our objectives:
- Survival and evolution.
  •  They are causes that motivate our objectives:

    What is considered as development and created by the civilization of the artificial is to suppose that;
    the relation of artificial urban system / infrastructure, is Progress;
    Just as natural as something rural, it is and means; Poverty.
    To avoid such error in those definitions; a new concept and a new dynamic of action and definition of social or group infrastructures is being created, based on social-ecological relationships between natural habitats and human groups. Those that are adequate in their proper function with the biosphere and the ecological niches of the planet, based on their mental and conscious development.
  • States with their borders, whatever their policies, are economic constructions of competition for unlimited growth until their inevitable impoverishment and chaos.
    States in their geographical limits, their tradition, customs and borders, become closed systemic boxes, which fill with traumas to its inhabitants (elements) those that always end up falling into decay, corruption and disappearance.
  • The return to populations limited by their close and self-sustaining resources (good living) combined with the advanced and continuous integral human knowledge (evolutionary technology) can give rise to societies of evolution and wisdom, to put aside those of the rapacious and desperate struggle to accumulate and depauperate.

  • The struggle for the continuous growth of the artificial, was initiated about 7000 years ago by the first merchants of the world. (Catalyst not controlled artificial system). In its continuous action of corruption and decomposition of the natural space, it became a carcinogenic process that kills our planet, the web of life and that of its evolution.
    both religion, social norms and technologies became instruments of force and not creativity. In this way, the human being is enslaved both physically and mentally by means of economic manipulation and control of resources, the patrimony of life for all.
  • As a result of the trauma routines created on the human being, during many generations: this, to force him to accept "a supposed destiny of obedience"; first by means of religious, discriminatory, differentiating and unjust norms, later by means of kings by order of God and finally by the Power of the representatives of State, (politicians, as tools of the real power of "Mamón) gave rise to the" economic right of the elected "over those who are not elected.
  • Slavery, has and has had many forms, all of them have been able to subdue millions of human beings under parameters of sophisticated disinformation that conditioned until today those of our species and the rest of the beings that live in this "Mother Earth", today used as a social political "slogan", but not to respect or give rise to the evolution that this planet could allow to give and develop life.
    It has been imposed on billions of thinking beings to a sick way of life full of false illusions.
  • Such illusions and fantasies, leave a tremendous emptiness in the lives of those who achieve a certain degree of consciousness, to discover the artificial reality of domination, colonizing and riding in vacuum for those who hold the "power" and not so to achieve mental simplicity and superior of those who hold consciousness and wisdom to allow FUTURE.

    All this -barbarism- imposed on the human being under the hypocritical name of "civilization" must be transformed from the root. For all these reasons, it is necessary to REFLECT freely. Observing again our behavior of routines, those that make us sick, fill us with anxiety and stress; Those that DO NOT allow the full interpretation of reality. That different reality to teach moment by moment the dynamic between the harmony of "our Mother Earth" and that of our fullness as human beings, children of the evolution of this planet.




  • The natural resources that our planet still contains were and are sufficient to feed, house, heal and teach our descendants; This will be possible if there is a harmonious interaction between what is produced by the biosphere and our basic needs for food, health, education, housing and interaction in social empathy.

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